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:: You are currently viewing the graphics free, plain text version of aiNET. This version is provided for visitors who have slow connections, or simply want quick links to the shrines. If you're looking for graphics, simply go back to the splash and pick another version.

:: The Ainoyume Network currently serves as the humble collective of Trinity, with a major focus on Japanese Animation and some personal stuff. AinoyumeNET is often abbreviated 'aiNET' and strives to bring viewers the most informative, entertaining, and original shrines it has to offer. Variety is also an element aiNET attempts to incorporate into the collective. Thus, you will be able to find series specific sites, character specific shrines, cliques, webrings, image galleries, fanlistings and more here. was purchased and released in September 2002, and the name Ai no Yume was chosen for its beauty. For those who aren't aware, Ai no Yume is Japanese romanji and translates to Dreams of Love. The domain's currently hosted on GitHub and domain registerant is GoDaddy.

:: vTEN of AinoyumeNET features Souma Momiji, the rabbit Juunishi from the ever-adoring series, Fruits Basket. This 24 episode series focuses on the relationships of a normal high school girl, Tohru, and the Souma family, who are cursed with the twelve animals of the zodiac. A riveting, amazing story of how simple kindness can touch the lives of many, this series is definitely on many people's top favorites list. It's one of my favorite series no doubt, and highly recommended. As for this layout, it was made quite a while back, and dug up while I was shifting through my files. I'm normally not very fond of monochromatic designs, but this one turned out alright. The image came from ProjectZen in high quality, so little actual image editing was required. This tangerine/mango-orange look sort of gives off the feeling of a blazing summer day, welcoming the summer. =3 All of ainoyumeNET's layouts are optimized for 1024x768 resolutions or higher, and in Mozilla Firefox. This particular layout will look best in 1024x768 resolutions; folks with 800x600 resolutions will need to F11 this layout for full functionality.

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