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Question 1: Can you link me?
Answer: I do not do link exchanges. I tend to link people that I admire and/or my friends. You can drop me a note via a polite e-mail to get my attention, but do not spam me.

Question 2: Can you host me?
Answer: Visit the hosting page for details. I do only occasional invites.

Question 3: Why might you not be hosting?
Answer: There are several reasons, but probably most importantly, I have expectations for my hostees that are generally different from other webmasters who offer hosting. I dislike doing favors for people and feel like it's not appreciated. I expect my hostees to know internet etiquette (i.e. no direct linking, plagiarizing), because I am partially responsible for their actions. A few of my current hostees are here by invitation, and I tend to like that method best, where I can see beforehand if my expectations are met by that particular site.

Question 4: I'm an aspiring webdesigner, what do you use to make your graphics? Can you teach me how you make your graphics?
Answer: I make all graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7.02, and very rarely, Photoshop CS2. I do all my HTML in the handy dandy Notepad. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to teach you how to make pretty graphics I'm incredibly busy as it is and I really wouldn't know what to tell you anyhow. My advice is to practice and play around with it, and see what you come up with. Practice makes perfect.

Question 5: Can we be friends / affilates / sisters?
Answer: What is your definition of friends? Usually when people ask that, they either secretly want a favor, wants to use you or are desperate for some sort of help. So, feel free to talk to me and I'll decide. Affiliates, no, because I don't like separating affiliates and sisters, yet I reserve sisters for people I know well. So for sisters, I'm picky and very reserved with who I accept. Unless you are a good friend, please don't ask.

Question 6: Why haven't you answered my e-mail?
Answer: I'm horrendously bad with replying to e-mails, especially if they're long. In addition, I am a busy person, like most webmasters/webmistresses. I have an offline life and I try to get back to everyone as soon as possible. Please be patient and I will get back to you if necessary.

Question 7: Can you make me a layout?
Answer: Absolutely. Contact me and we can decide on a decent price. You may view my work through the websites at aiNET, or at my design portfolio, irrelevance*org.

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