History --

------ The Innovations Network;

Trinity's collective was primarily known as the Innovations Network, mainly because this network would strive to be more original and unique, with content unlike those in other collectives. Thus the word Innovations was derived, meaning 'new inventions' and 'originality.' After about half a year at Geocities, Trinity decided that the network needed a host. After a few unsuccessful and careless hosts, she turned to her wonderful friend B-chan to host her. The Innovations Network was thus transferred to Seraphim-wings.net on January 18th, 2001.

------ The Entity Network;

The Entity Network, hosted at B-chan's domain, officially debuted on August 4th, 2001. The collective was renamed to the Entity Network because Trinity thought the Innovations Network sounded rather boring. So marked the beginning of the Entity Network. It started out rather small, with only 2 or 3 sites while many projects were in the process of being made. Total Venus Destination was the Entity Network's first and foremost site, having been created before the Entity Network was existent. It was soon followed by Reflection, then Eleventy-Two, and so forth. "Entity" denotes a being, an existence that is real and pure. The title was chosen for this network because this network is an entirely existent unit and signifies a very large part of the webmistress's accomplishments. Hard work should be clearly shown in the websites. This network will remain an original and unique collective, as strived for with the former Innovations Network. However, the title Entity gives a more significant connotation to this network. The goal of The Entity Network was to become a noteworthy part of the net and a resourceful place for help and knowledge.

------ AinoyumeNET;

AinoyumeNET will probably be the last of the collective's move. As of August 2002, Trinity wanted a domain. Since she could not let her parents know of the existence of her sites, she went ahead and purchased the domain with her own money. Trinity wanted space of her own, with sites on her own domain, and so forth. The name AinoyumeNET was chosen for its beauty. For those who might not be aware, Ai no Yume is Japanese romanji and roughly translates to Dreams of Love. The domain's current host is CirtexHosting, which I highly recommend for cheap, reliable hosting and great customer support. I want to give a big thanks to my dear friend Serene, who helped my purchase this domain and hosted many of my sites prior to this purchase. *hugs*

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