Hosted Sites --

The following are all the wonderful sites that are currently hosted on ainoyumeNET. Please visit them as they are not only incredible sites, but they're also owned by incredible people.

geneSIS: Lyn's general site to the anime/manga series: Tokyo Babylon geneSIS, formerly known as Project Sakurazukamori, is one of the best (if not the best - IMO) general site to one of my favorite series, Tokyo Babylon. Her choke-full-of-content site, along with multimedia and fanworks make this site one of the most well rounded sites I've seen. It's my honor to host this lovely shrine.

Pure Heart: Windy's shrine to Haku from the anime/manga series: Naruto Pure Heart is Windy's kick butt shrine to the wonderful Haku of Naruto. Containing in depth information on Haku as well as Naruto the series, definitely one of the best Haku shrines I've seen. :3

Papercut Kisses: Sakura's Tokyo Babylon/X art site Papercut Kisses contains a glorious amount of delightful Tokyo Babylon/X fanart, focusing on Seishirou and Subaru. As I am a sucker for SxS goodness, I gladly accepted Sakura's submission. ^^

Porcelain: Kyuu's shrine to Subaru of Tokyo Babylon/X Porcelain is a lovely shrine to one of my favorite characters of all time, Sumeragi Subaru of the Tokyo Babylon & X/1999 fame. Although it's about half way finished, there's still plenty for visitors to do. Spread the Subaru love! =3

White Crown, Inugami's collective featuring mainly TB/CLAMP related works White Crown is Inugami's collective featuring not one, but two Tokyo Babylon sites. *spins* In addition to her collective, aiNET's also hosting her Subaru and Hokuto shrines, her weblog, as well as her portfolio.

Surreal Delusion, Chibi Tenshi and ShadowFire's artwork Surreal Delusion is dual owned by Chibi Tenshi and ShadowFire, two inspirational artists who showcase their art on the site. Their art subjects range from Final Fantasy to Harry Potter, to general anime/manga works.

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