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I know my space and bandwidth limits now, so I'd be happy to host some shrines that I know I would have liked to make if I had more time. The expectations are listed below, please read them thoroughly before applying. Please note that I do not accept every site that applies. I have higher standards than your everyday webmaster who just place a hosting form up without much requirements.

  1. Netiquette - Basically, internet etiquette. That means, know enough about online manners and know not to plagiarize, direct link, steal images (includes using doujinshi or CG art), beg for guestbook entries, spam, act like a 10 year old, etc. Know your copyright laws, when to give credit, how to ask permission, etc. If you're caught with copyright infringement, I will not hesitate to kick you out without warning.

  2. Functionality over Beauty - I'd much rather host a site that has a simple layout, but is actually readable and easygoing on the eyes rather than a site that has a complex layout and unreadable text. I don't care if you have the most beautiful layout in the world and it wows me like no other. If I have to strain my eyes to read your text, I won't accept you, end of story.

  3. Content - Hopefully, you should know by now that perhaps the most important aspect of your site should be your content. Now, I'd prefer quality over quantity. My pet peeve is having tons of sections with a small paragraph in each. That's not what I mean by content. I love in depth analyses, essays, articles, editorials, basically opinionated sites. Content can include basic info, in-depth analyses, helpful information, etc. Content is not putting a Japanese name into and copy & pasting whatever it spews out. Try to be original and creative.

  4. Overall Presentation - Is your site organized? Clean of grammar/spelling errors? No run-on sentences? Easy navigation? Do I have to spend 2 minutes looking for the enter sign, the navigation links or the scroll bar/DHTML scrolling buttons? You get the idea. I'm not looking for 'elite' designing skills of any sort, but a clean layout would be great.

  1. Communication - I'd like to get to know you if I accept you. I have AIM, MSN and Yahoo messanger and I'm often on all 3 with Trillian. Instant messanging is probably the best way to communicate with me, since I'm horrible at responding to e-mails. I'd like to be able to keep in touch with you, since hostees would now be part of the aiNET family. XD Don't worry, I don't bite. =P

  2. Consideration - Please take my domain's space/bandwidth into consideration. Try not to upload many mp3s or use BMP or PNG files for your layouts. Those tend to suck up both bandwidth and space pretty fast. Scans and large images can easily be reduced in size in Photoshop while keeping the original quality. If you don't know how, don't hesitate to ask me. Let me know if you have specific requests as well.

  3. FTP Knowledge - It's fine if you don't know it. I can teach you the basics. I'd prefer it if you knew though. XD

Don't Worry About:
  1. Updating - I hardly have the time to either. An update occasionally would be fine, provided that your site is mostly finished. I know it's tough balancing a busy offline schedule and an online one at the same time, so updating isn't an issue here.

  2. CLAMP Image Policy - Even though I abide by CLAMP's image policy, I don't want to force people to refrain from it. If you abide by it too, that's great, but if not, I'm not going to forbid it.

  3. Being Direct Linked - I will provide the anti-direct linking script for you if necessary.

You'll be Receiving:
  1. Space - It can range from 10mb to 50mb depending on your site. This is very negotiable.

  2. Subdomain - That is, Also functions as No tilde (~) or anything like that. I hate those things. XD

  3. aiNET E-mail - You can pick if you want a forward or a POP3 account (Neomail/Squirrelmail).

  4. Extras and Insurance (sort of XD) - CGI, PHP, Perl, SSI, ASP, mySQL, etc. is all supported and you're free to use any of these. You will also receive your own FTP account and 99% uptime as well.

Looking For:
I am currently looking for anime/manga shrines and/or general sites. I do not normally accept cliques/webrings, fanlistings, weblogs, personal sites, mp3 rotation sites or image galleries. Please do not submit these. If you're not sure, submit it and I'll let you know. You can get in the easiest by having a Tokyo Babylon related website. *laughs* Also, you'll have an easier chance of getting in if you own a shrine from a series that I've seen. For a complete (though outdated) list, refer to this list. Other works are definitely accepted though (but please, no DBZ sites ~_~).



Site URL:
(Current location of the site you want hosted)

Additional Comments:

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