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This page is created ultimately to answer most of the emails I get almost on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, these questions repeat over and over, and I no longer have the time to respond to individual mails. It seems that, if you leave something the least bit general on a site, people will inquire the specifics. Thus, this page is meant to be VERY SPECIFIC. Please read through the entire thing before questioning me in an email. If you email me with a question that's already been answered here, you will be redirected to this page.

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I M A G E   P O L I C Y //

Yes, I own a couple of image galleries. There are also image galleries on most of my shrines. The image galleries have their own page of rules. But basically, the rules are the same.

PERMISSION DENIED // Any edited graphics, such as layouts, wallpapers, icons, screensavers, etc. may never be reused and recycled for any reason. Don't even bother e-mailing me about it. You will be denied.

PERMISSION NOT NEEDED // If the images are screenshots, you may use them for anything you please without asking for permission, and may be displayed in your image gallery, provided that you don't take over 50 or so. If the images are scans, regardless of whether they're manga scans, artbook scans, or CD scans, you may use them without asking for permission, only on graphics. What this means is, you may not display them in your own image gallery.

PERMISSION NEEDED // If the image you want is any sort of fanart or not original art, you MUST ask permission from the owner. Do not come to me asking to use it, email the owner, whose emails are usually listed right beside the fanart. By permission, I mean, you must have received an email from me or the owner of the fanart(s), stating that you may use the image(s).

WHEN TO ASK // Please ask BEFORE you put the images up, please. People have actually emailed me asking to use something after they're put it up. My interpretation was, they were doing it as an after-thought, just in case I, or someone else, stumbles across it, recognizes it, and emails me about it. Chances are, if you email me asking for permission after you've already put it up, I will be less likely to grant you permission.

GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE // If you are going to be using any images, all I ask in return is a link back to the site where you took the image from. Please, please do not link straight to the gallery itself and skip the rules page (which is the index), because that causes more confusion for people who are unaware of the rules. I've had way too many people linking to the Gravitation gallery itself.

FINAL NOTES // People have also been known to link directly to the galleries on individual shrines. This is also restricted, for obvious reasons. I'd like people to discover the entire site, not just the images.

W R I T T E N   W O R K S   P O L I C Y //

I write all of the information on all of my shrines by myself. Whether or not written works can be used on someone else's site should not even be questionable. However, I've had more and more emails coming in lately of people asking if they may use my information. So, I'll specify why I don't allow anyone to use my information.

Blatantly put, I do not allow any of my written work to be posted on anyone else's site aside from mine. I have only given permission to one person in the past, and I will not do so again. I have gotten emails telling me that they've quoted, credited, reworded, etc. Please do not ask to use my information, because you will not receive permission. I believe in originality, and that good things don't come easily.

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D I S C L A I M E R // All featured graphics and characters on aiNET are copyrighted by their respective creators/companies, use of specified items stated above without any explicit permission from the owner "Trinity" or without copyright note is illegal and will be fined.

(thanks Fiona XD)

This page may or may not be updated in the future, but if you have any further questions that have not been answered here, drop me a note.